Have you ever read the book, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”?  If not, it’s a fun little book about one thing that leads to another, in an imaginative series of events.

Here’s my version of it, called, “If you Decide to Lead”.

If you decide to lead, someone will talk about you.

When people talk about you, they will often second guess your motives.

There’s a really good chance they’ll jump to some conclusions.

When they jump to some conclusions, they might even tell other people.

Those other people will sometimes tell you, and sometimes it will hurt.

And then you’ll have to make a decision.

Are you going to keep leading?

Chin up, leader.

Even Biblical heroes were talked about.

David, in 1 Samuel, goes out to assess the Goliath situation, and his brother is ready to come at him.  He mocks him, questions his reasons for being there, and throws accusations at him.  David looks at him, says, “What have I done now?”

And then, he keeps leading.

He kills Goliath.

He becomes a battle warrior.

And eventually he becomes king.

David was successful in his leadership because he had been called by God into it.  When you are following the call God has on your life, don’t let the naysayers make you feel disqualified.

Lead on.

Love, Suzy.

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