Lately I’ve battled some anxiousness and overwhelm.  I craved wisdom and direction about many things from finances to health to family to work.  So, I’d blocked some time today to spend with God over my checklist inventory of concerns.

I’m not sure how I expected that he would answer all of them.  Maybe I thought I’d go through them one by one and I’d stumble my way to the answer or something would fall out of the sky in an obvious, BAM kinda way.

He usually doesn’t do things the way I expect.

Today, he reminded me how little my checklist really means.  The checklist is a red herring.  If we chase that, we miss what matters.

God wants our heart.

He doesn’t care about our to-dos or our budget or our strategy.  He wants us.  He wants us to see Him, to see others, and to see ourselves the way He does.   He isn’t in heaven saying “DO MORE – RUN FASTER – TRY HARDER!”  Instead, He says, “I’ve got you.”

What does God want from us who flounder down here in the chaos of life?  What’s his message to those of us who clamor and strive and rush and grasp?

Today he has been so clear to me.


Take care of what I put in your hands to nurture.


Be awed by the world around you.

Be grateful for who and what you have.

Slow down.

Look and listen for my presence.

Trust me.

And rest.

He gave me an adjustment in my perspective.  I realized I’d rushed ahead.  I tried to judge the distance between where I felt we’re headed and where I think we’re supposed to be.  I strained to pull the two together, to make the seam, to be sure there would be enough.

That’s not my job.  When we do what is someone’s else’s, we are exhausted, and defeated, and we keep them from doing it.

I don’t want to try to do God’s job.

I want him to take my fish and bread and make it enough to feed the hungry.  I want him to take my empty nets and make them full.  I want him to take my water and give me wine.

Rest. Worship. Appreciate. Give. Nurture. Trust.

In all things, pray.


He’s got you.

Love, Suzy.

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