Do you hear someone cheering for you? Shouting your name and urging you on? That’s me! I’m in the stands of your life, telling you to keep going!

Here you’ll find encouragement, inspiration, and opportunity to live life more fully and with more joy! I hope you’ll join us.

Maybe you’re a lot like me.

For a long time, I felt like there was something bigger inside of me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a vague, gnawing pull that was persistent. It stirred me, and I felt like there would be a day when all the dots connected, but it was so ambiguous that I didn’t know where to begin.

When I left college, I had career ADD. I worked in a women’s shelter, managed a radio station, was a case manager for homeless, ran the front end at a Lowe’s, and tried several different home-based businesses. All of them helped me develop different skills, but none of them were the jelly to my peanut butter.

After my oldest son was born, I started a business with a friend. It took off quickly! At a time when online business was just beginning to grow, I learned to build a website and manage social media. We traveled all over a state and held sales in convention centers. I was problem solving and loved working with lots of women in each place, but it still didn’t feed my inner hunger. When my second child was born, we moved and sold my portion of the business to my friend and partner.

The pull on my heart was back and stronger than it had been.

That year I returned to school to get my teaching certificate and began my education career. Two years later, my youngest was born. I loved my students and the creativity of the classroom.   No two days were ever the same and although it was unbelievably demanding, it was the perfect job in that season.

And then July 14, 2010 came.

Most of us will have a day that sticks out for one reason or another. Before that day, all the important ones were happy dates. This turned my life upside down.

On that day, my marriage of 13 years ended. I didn’t see it coming. It was like stepping on a land mine you didn’t know was just beneath the surface. KABOOM. You wake up later, thankful for what you still have, and left to wonder what happened.

We were THE couple who wasn’t “supposed” to get divorced. It was devastating not only for me and my boys, but our families as well. I’m betting some of you can relate.

A year later, our divorce was final. My ex-husband was fired. Our house foreclosed. I was fortunate enough to have parents who welcomed me and my three little boys: 9, 4, and the baby.

These are the turns you can’t script. They change you forever.

As painful as it was, now I know who I am because of that experience. What I thought would be my undoing has become my foundation. That journey illuminated the pathway to uncover the unnamed tug at my heart. Now I know what had been pulling at me for so long.

First, I began to serve single moms like myself. I began a dinner on Mother’s Day weekend that grew into a nonprofit and then into a business. It serves thousands of women like myself.

Then, I began to write. I wrote to connect with others, to encourage, to inspire, and to teach. I wanted other women to know that they do not have to live under someone else’s label! We were made for more!

One day, I knew I was supposed to leave the classroom and JUMP. I felt there was a call inside me that couldn’t stay inside those walls. In a total leap of faith, I turned in my resignation and walked out of the classroom at the end of my contract year, totally unaware of where I’d end up or how my family would make it. Sometimes, the greatest risk is not taking one.

So here I sit.

My book on the Four Principles has been turned into a national simulcast, and then packaged as a four-part series by a large national women’s organization.

Now I am speaking and writing and helping other women find their voice and write their own story. The tug on my heart wasn’t about me at all. My heart was urging me to serve other women, and that has become my passion.

You’ve found a safe place to connect, learn, grow, encourage, and be inspired. Just remember, we aren’t meant to be reservoirs. We were made to be rivers. As others pour into us, we pour into others.

This space won’t be for everyone. I love people, and I believe in them. I’m a Jesus-follower, and you’ll probably hear that from me often as we get to know each other.   You’ll find that I also believe that we are often our biggest liability, and that our mindset profoundly impacts our lives.


Let’s share our lives and our voices.   Come see where tomorrow takes us.


Much Love,