Transform Your Relationships.
Transform Your Life.

You and your relationships have suffered long enough.

Do any of these sound familiar?
Authentic friendships seem risky or unobtainable. Communicating with co-workers is frustrating and unproductive. Opening up to others is scary or awkward. It may feel like your husband is your roommate or you can’t seem to connect with your children.


I know exactly how you feel – I’ve been there.

Then I discovered the 4 Principles and everything about how I related to others changed.

My life changed – so will yours.


What does it take to have meaningful relationships?


Our culture has ignored the importance of learning to connect in a healthy way with others authentically.

Better relationships mean better metal and emotional health, and increased longevity.

It’s time to create the change in your relationships.

It’s time to be happy.


These 4 basic principles will help you connect and relate to the people around you.


You will walk into social situations with confidence and grace.

You will be able to determine which friendships to pursue and which to let simmer.

You will have the tools to improve your marriage outside the therapist’s office.

You will change the culture of your workplace.

Yes, these 4 principles are THAT powerful!


With these four principles, you’ll be identified as a leader with the necessary relationship skills
that it takes to be trusted, respected, and influential.

The Four Principles apply to both personal and professional relationships.

They are for anyone who wants to start where they are and transform their life.


These Four Principles are easy to read and understand, but the real power is in practicing them.

The book will help you understand them; the connection kit resources will help you practice them.


The Connection Kit Includes:

The Four Principles, Book 1

Access to the video series on each Principle

An Interactive Guide – A Personal Pathway to Effective Connection

Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions

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